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Industrial Area

Home to 190 businesses

London Borough of Sutton's
largest industrial area

Business Improvement District

Home to 190 businesses

National brands
alongside SMEs

Beddington Industrial Area

Is identified in the Mayor’s London Plan as a Strategic Industrial Location (SIL) and as such is of key importance to the Borough.

Beddington Industrial Area is made up of a diverse range of businesses located in trade parks / industrial parks / depots / distribution centres and factories with premium brands siting alongside SME’s.

The Beddington strategic industrial location is one of the largest employment locations in the South East London sub region and the land in the strategic industrial location represents 70% of the Borough’s employment land and 55% of the total built industrial floor space.

Businesses are key to developing a vibrant local economy, many key not just locally to Sutton and London but also nationally and internationally.

Working Together to Create a Business Improvement District

This website aims to answer your questions and keep you up to date with the developments of the Beddington BID.

In October 2015 businesses across Beddington Industrial Area will have the opportunity of forming a Business Improvement District (BID).

Whether the BID goes ahead is up to you –this is your BID.

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are an effective way in which businesses can take control and improve their trading environment.

Businesses identify common issues / concerns / ideas for improving Beddington industrial area and then work together to create a five year business plan for their area.

Following consultation with businesses and once all businesses have had opportunity to shape and develop the BID proposal this business plan is sent to all businesses with a ballot paper and pending a successful ‘yes’ vote, all of the projects and improvements get underway.

  • BIDs are funded and controlled directly by businesses. As a business, you choose which projects the BID fund is spent on
  • A BID in Beddington could raise up to £200,000 revenue per year to spend on the projects and improvements that businesses feel are important
  • A BID would generate £1 million additional investment to Beddington industrial area (2016-2020)
  • Since September 2004 when this legislation was introduced, there have been close to 200 successful BIDs in the UK, which over the next 5 years will bring in £300 million of funding
  • There are already more than 40 established BIDs in London, locally in Sutton businesses in the town centre and Kimpton Industrial Area have already formed successful Business Improvement Districts:
    • Sutton Town Centre BID
    • Kimpton Industrial BID

By obtaining Business Improvement District status, businesses in Beddington Industrial Area can work together to invest in our community, enhance our trading environment, and make a real difference.

Great news for Beddington, Great news for you.