Other BID Locations

There are close to 200 BIDs established across the UK and each location has a uniquely local business plan, where local business set their priorities and the additional services they want to see delivered in their BID area.

Businesses have worked together to develop BIDs across the UK including:





Why Should I Support a BID?

The BID would improve, manage and promote your trading area. It is based on the principle of a 1% levy applied equally to rateable values of all defined businesses; it is fair, transparent and avoids ‘freeloading’.

The levy would be mandatory and is treated in the same way as your Business Rate, becoming a statutory debt.


Benefits of a BID are:

  • Everyone contributes the same percentage of their rateable value towards the levy
  • Everyone can have a say on how this money is spent
  • Everyone benefits from the work of the BID

Your contribution goes towards a much larger budget and we hope that as a business you can see the value of the industrial area working together for the benefit of the area, your business environment and Beddington.


Isn’t This Just Another Tax on Businesses?

No.  When you pay business rates you don’t have a direct say in how the money is spent as it goes to Central Government.  Your BID levy is passed in its entirety to Beddington BID for investment in key projects and services for your area that you have chosen.