Beddington Industrial Area Bid
Beddington Industrial Area Bid

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We represent businesses within the Beddington Industrial Area in the London Borough of Sutton and raise money to spend on projects that benefit businesses.

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Since obtaining Business Improvement District (BID) status in 2016, businesses in Beddington Industrial Area work together to invest in our community, enhance our trading environment, and make a real difference. Great news for Beddington, great news for you!

Beddington Business Improvement District (BID) represents 200 local businesses within Beddington Industrial Area in London Borough of Sutton and collectively raises £190,000 per year to spend on projects that benefit businesses. That’s £950,000 of new investment over the 5-year project term.

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Working Together to Create a Business Improvement District

Beddington Industrial Area is made up of a diverse range of businesses located in trade parks / industrial parks / depots / distribution centres and factories with premium brands siting alongside SME’s.

Beddington Industrial Area was identified in the Mayor’s London Plan as a Strategic Industrial Location (SIL) and as such is of key importance to the Borough. Beddington’s Strategic Industrial Location is one of the largest employment locations in the South East London sub region and the land in the SIL represents 70% of the Borough’s employment land and 55% of the total built industrial floor space.

We believe that businesses are key to developing a vibrant local economy, many key not just locally to Sutton and London but also nationally and internationally.

Did you know

  • BIDs are funded and controlled directly by businesses. As a business, you choose which projects the BID fund is spent on
  • If you own or manage a business within the Beddington BID Area you can join the BID Board
  • The Beddington BID raises £190,000 revenue per year to spend on the projects and improvements that businesses feel are important
  • This equates to almost £1 million additional investment to Beddington Industrial Area (between 2016-2021)
  • Since September 2004 BID when legislation was introduced in the U.K., there have been over 300 successful BIDs established in the UK, which over the next 5 years will bring in £300 million of funding
  • There are more than 50 established BIDs in London, with 3 in London Borough of Sutton:

Great news for Beddington, great news for you.

BID news

Beddington Industrial Area Bid

BID opposes HGV restriction!

BID opposes HGV restriction!

The BID Board have written to all 190 businesses in the BID area on 5th March 2019 to make it clear that they are opposing the proposed HGV restriction to Hilliers Lane / Beddington Lane.

HGV Restriction to Beddington Lane and Hilliers Lane

HGV Restriction to Beddington Lane and Hilliers Lane

HGV Restriction to Beddington Lane and Hilliers Lane.

Welcome to New BID Board Members

Welcome to New BID Board Members

Veolia, Capitol Carpets and Futures Supplies have joined the Beddington BID Board which is fantastic news!

Incinerator Lane?

Incinerator Lane?

The access road for the new Viridor site will be Corn Bunting Lane instead of the proposed Incinerator Lane!

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Beddington Industrial Area Bid


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